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Jaguar and Family Photos

See the XK 150 and the Behemoth (70 Olds Toronado). Also my 88 Camaro Convertible and our former 77 Camaro that traveled through the family. You can also see my old 40 Ford SuperDeLuxe Convert that I drove while at Sullivan High from 1953 to 1956. Enjoy the pictures. Allan.

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My 69 Jaguar
This Jaguar has been in the family since 10/81 and all of the service records are available since 76 through Shoupe & Celeste now Jaguar Specialists. When the car was purchased it had 84,000 miles on the odometer. Tax day 1998 it has 134,000 happy miles. That's 3,125 gallons of gas @ 16mpg. It is also 20 odd oil changes, but, only 2 sets of tires. Got rid of the redlines for P4000 205x70x15 in 1998 due to the E-Type list and fear of tire shredding due to age...the tire, not me. Recent 1999 fixes include a new windshield due to a beautiful bullseye stone hit. Also put in a new electric {16inch} fan[ 14 blades no less]and modern thermostatic control. New hoses and a new blower motor and thermostat were added for good measure. In June of 2000 a new heater control valve was added in addition to JET-HOT treated exhaust manifolds. We are looking forward to another 50,000 miles. This photo was taken at the top of Mt. Soledad overlooking LaJolla and the Scripps Institute Oceanographic Pier which can be seen over the center of the car.

In August, 2000 the water pump and belts were replaced just in time for the San Diego Jaguar Club's Concours d'Elegance. My Jaguar was fortunate enough to finish second in the D-3 [Driven 3] Class. Score was 9.735 with expected deductions coming from my "wrong" size Pirelli P4000 tyres and my "wrong" 15" steering wheel. Both provide driving pleasure for me. My thanks to the judges for being so apologetic for doing their job.

Feburary 2001 and the Dextron Valdez no longer leaks p/s fluid. People in the free world can now go to the store and buy Dextron for their cars! The p/s rack was rebuilt by Tracy at Jaguar Specialists along with new rack mounts , tie rod ends, front brake pads and stainless steel teflon coated front brake hoses. Steering and stopping were never better. May brought a spin on oil filter adaptor from Dan Mooney in Austin, TX as well as a pair of beautiful K & N chrome air filters for my Stombergs. Trip to Borrego Springs in 110 F saw no overheating.

December 2001 revealed no new flaws in the Jag with a quick trip to Palm Springs and back. Gas milage was a poor 16 but, fun factors were in the high 90's. Ran cool all the way there and back without so much as a hiccup. After sitting while we were gone on vacation over Thanksgiving and early December to the east coast, a battery recharge was the only "top-up" required.2002 has been a wonderful year with trips to Palm Springs, Lake Arrowhead, Borrego Springs, and Temecula. All non-eventful and very satisfying for Jaguar driving. Everything works as it should. May of 2002 finds a new heat shield for the brake and clutch bottles. And a new Mallory Unilite distributor. Birthday presents. August 11, 2002 finds us at Spanish Landing in San Diego for the Concours d'Elegance. My battery died while in line to park the car on the field of dreams. Thanks to my buddy Lou who twice juiced my car. Competition was tough but, I squeeked by with a 3rd place. Lights lit ... turn signals blinked ... horn honked. All on a dead battery. The cup fits in with other trophys. 9.6050 and tougher judges.

October,2002 and we are off through the mountains and down into Palm Desert to visit with friends who have just had an XKR delivered. What a car. The XKE seems much larger. Our wire wheels were no match for the really big chrome 18 inch wheels on the R. But, you can see the family lines in the fenders, flank, airintake and exhaust. The trip was uneventful and exhilerating. Lots of smiles and waves and thumbs up.

Plans to sell the Jag seem to fall through at the last minute. My last "buyer" from Reno seems to have lost all of his money at the crap tables. Too bad for both of us. The car is still for sale at $17,500. Newest addition was a battery from Costco. Last one lingered on for seven years. No major trips in the Jag until after the Thanksgiving.

Long hot ride to Scottsdale with a quick turnaround and back to San Diego. Left on Thursday and back on Monday. Car ran cool and the desert was about 100 F. No problems. 17 mpg for the trip. Car cruised at 80 mph for long distances. Put the car up for sale on EBay with a low reserve price. It was sold after 36 bids to a local car collector. We are both happy with the sale and the car was picked up on June 27, 2003. This site will be maintained for other areas of car interest and who knows what the future will bring in terms of automotive delights....Like our new Infiniti G35 below.


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Laurie Elizabeth Mandel
A nice picture of Laurie Elizabeth Mandell and the 69 Jag.
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Evelyn & Elmer
Evelyn & Elmer & THE BEHMOUTH 70 TORO 455 SUPERDUTY (77)...this was an all time super car that stayed in California . Never could get more than 11 mpg. Sorry to see it go. It ended up going to Montana and is probably still crusing at 120 mph..
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My 55 CandyApple Buick Special(64).
This Buick was to be painted white by Earl for $29.95 "no ups/no extras!" It came out CandyAppleRed and we had to keep it that way for months until the paint cured. They painted it white, but, you guessed it, came out pink. Gave the car to my sister Shelly.
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61e Chicago Auto Show 61
The 61 E you see to the left was my first sighting of an E at the Chicago Auto Show. In college without a dime and I fall for a $6000 car. Everything in its time.
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88 Camaro
This is a 5L 1988 Chevrolet Camaro with positraction and a 4 speed overdrive automatic transmission. The intake and exhaust manifolds were professionally ported and polished. A Jacobs Electronics Ignition, and Hypertec street chip were added and the throttle body is also "enhanced." K & N provides clean,cold fresh air for over 130,000 miles and still going strong.SOLD 16 YEARS TO THE DAY IT WAS PICKED UP...3/17/2004 WITH 155,000 HAPPY MILES. INFINITI WAS CHOSEN TODAY AS AN ADULT REPLACEMENT.
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77 Camaro
This 77 Camaro was mine, Barry's and then Stephanie's. Last seen in Chico,CA. We think it ended up with about 283,000 miles with only a valve job after 100,000 miles.
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XK150 Prior to painting
XK150 59 3.4 4sp/od 600x16r wind wings 1st 4wheel discbrakes on a production car. Tested top speed on track in Wisc. in 4th od at 118 mph with the top down and wind in the face. xk150 in the fall prior to painting circa 1973.
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XK150 Painted
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My 40 Ford
My 40 Ford. 1954/ Originally had a V8-60 flathead. We put in a 51 Mercury, also a flathead with a LaSalle transmission, duals, Smittys mufflers, and some chrome. Well, a lot of chrome. Those were the days.Gas at my father's Texaco (yes, I wore a bow tie)was $0.17 a gallon. The naugahide was sticky in the summer. Here we are ready for the greenplad top. Photo taken after the engine and transmission transplant. I wonder if it exists today. I hope that somebody is still enjoying it!