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Allan's 69 Jaguar 2+2

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  • Close up of twin Strombergs click
  • View from the back seat looking forward at the dash click
  • Engine, exhaust side good view of new P4000 205X70X15 click
  • Engine, more of the same click
  • Interior click
  • Interior click
  • Jaguar 220 and sombody elses E-Type click
  • My Jaguar; good shot click
  • Laurie and the Jaguar click
  • Left view of the car click
  • XKR XK120 140 150 50 years of Jaguar. Promo photoclick
  • Allan & the Jag at Torrey Pines in the fog. Notice my RAF sweaterclick
  • Same day as above without the sweater. click
  • Jaguar in bright sunlight on Mt. Soledad click
  • Jaguar in the garage with Castrol Racing sign click
  • Got any ideas for Allan ? Send an E mail.
  • San Diego Bay at Sunset