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65 PONTIAC BONNE ON FIRE, SOLD IT! Short story about the Bonne. In Dec. of 1967 or was it Jan. Chicago had a terrible snow storm. 24" in 24 hours. That's a lot of snow. The car was parked outside and the weight of the snow when it froze broke three of the four shocks !! The Bonneville lasted about 120,000 miles and ran like a charm all the way to the end when it needed a total rebuild. We would have done it had the body been in better shape. The only thing missing on this car was twin quadrajets. It had the factory headers and twin exhausts. It could hold 6 sets of golf clubs in the trunk along with carry on bags. Oh well, it must have been recycled at least seven times by now.  
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Jag 220
If you look closely you can see my son Barry driving the Jaguar 220 with a very big smile. ;>}
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This was a fine car. Needed very little when purchased and needed very little along the way. The only major repairs were a new top and two new clutch slave cylinders. Pop never liked the car because it was British. He loved the E for the same reason. Go figure that one out. TWEEDY BIRD YELLOW XK 150 PRIOR TO MERCEDES SILVER
Allan's XK150
Here it is after painting in Mercedes Silver. All of the kids learned to change gears in this car. They loved it as much as I did.
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FELIS ONCA (JAGUAR-A DEFIANT SPECIES, THE MOST POWERFUL CAT IN NORTH AMERICA) SPECIFICATIONS:Overall Lenght: 9' Height:28"/30" Width: 18" Ground Clearance: 10" Curb Weight: 175-250 pounds Trunk Capacity:0 Engine: Life-time warranty Speed: 0-45mph in THREE leaping bounds Fuel Capacity(per day) 5 lbs of San Diego ZuPreem and Ox Tails or anything within reach while hungry !!!! Mechanical Useful life: 15 / 30 years. BODY: Integral Body/Chasis Construction-Leather Covering Self Cleaning-All Year Automatic Temperature Control, Front & Rear Independent Suspension. DRIVE TRAIN: Fully automatic transmission w/built-in overdrive for long chases, 4wheel drive verrrrry quiet performance. Steering & brakes: Cornering capability is unsurpassed, excellent traction on all four paws---turning circle: 18" COLORS: Yellow through Tawny-Black: Very tame model guaranteed not to fade and never needs waxing. UNUSUAL FEATURES: Golden eye shine luster, extra loud roar, capable of reproduction, gestation: 99-105 days, litter: 2-4 cubs. As an endangered species, The San Diego Jaguar Club sponsors FELIS ONCA which is on permanent display at the World Famous San Diego Zoo. Send a postcard from the San Diego Zoo Information from: JUNE 1998 JAGUAR TRACKS (SAN DIEGO JAGUAR CLUB FOUNDED IN 1959)
smallp21.gif (3891 bytes) Allan's Jaguar XKE
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San Diego Zoo's Jaguars
The July Issue of JAGUAR TRACKS notes that "Orson" one of the San Diego Zoo's Jaguars is being taken care of by the San Diego Jaguar Club. The Board of Trustees of the Zoo and Wild Animal Park acknowledged a gift from the club for the care of "Orson" for the coming year. As Jaguars are an endangered species it has been a fitting gift over the years.
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XKR Coupe
What a nice color for a birthday present! Either one will do. Which one do you prefer?